Rob Schoonover

Rob's favorite Documentary is TOUCHING THE VOID, The true story of two climbers and their perilous journey up the west face of Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes in 1985.

As a youngster Rob remembers watching the great sitcoms of the ‘80s and ‘90s with his father.  Maybe because of that, from an early age he wanted to create television.

“I wrote and produced several hosted and panel shows in college,” he says. And when Rob graduated he soon got a job working as a camerman for a local news program.

One day he turned on the television and began writing down every commercial he saw that looked like it may have been made locally.  He then researched the spots and called every production company in town offering to be an intern.

Was he really willing to leave a steady paying job for the uncertainty of being a production company intern?

One of those cold calls he made led to meeting Barry Poltermann, who had founded AboutFace only a couple of months before.  “Barry gave me a shot and I quit my job to work for free coordinating the theatrical release of a documentary he'd directed -- The Life Of Reilly,” Rob says. 

Would Rob’s gamble pay off?  “Fortunately, this was also right at the beginning of AboutFace,” he tells us, “And I guess it’s worked out because I’m still here.”

Rob is the production supervisor at AboutFace.  “I work with all of our Executive Producers, coordinators, and directors to create the content,” he says.  “I love having a role in every one of our projects and working with our fantastic team.”

When not juggling AboutFace’s many productions, Rob enjoys his family, skiing, and rock climbing.

“What we do at AboutFace is make ongoing video series, just like online TV shows,” he says.  “So I really am doing what I set out to as a kid – and I'm not working for free any more!”

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