Michael Tucker

Michael's first documentary was "Gunner Palace," chronicling a group of American soldiers and their experiences in Baghdad as the Iraq war unraveled.


Michael Tucker is a New York based who has worked with co-director/partner Petra Epperlein on documentary features for two decades. 

In 2003, the outbreak of the war in Iraq pulled Tucker to Baghdad where he followed an armored car salesman making sales calls for Bulletproof Salesman. While filming Bulletproof Salesman, Tucker took interest in the story of US soldiers deployed in Baghdad and began to work on Gunner Palace.

After the critically acclaimed release of Gunner Palace in the Spring of 2005, Tucker went back to Baghdad to film The Prisoner: Or How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair to tell the story of an Iraqi journalist whose arrest was shown in Gunner Palace. The film went on to be nominated for an Independent Spirit Award.

In 2008, he began work on How to Fold a Flag, the fourth and final chapter of their epic war chronicle, which premiered in Toronto in 2009.

Tucker’s last feature, Fightville, focused on the world of mixed martial arts fighting and premiered on Showtime in 2012. That year he was also commissioned by CNN Films to direct The Flag