David Dahlman

Dave won't pick a favorite documentary, so we picked THE EYES OF TAMMY FAYE, a look at the unsinkable Tammy Faye Bakker's rise and fall as a popular televangelist with husband Jim Bakker.

Dave is one of the founders of AboutFace, which was born in 2007 as a start-up company dedicated to telling clients’ stories via short-form online documentary videos. 

“Unfortunately we had to do a lot of freebies and money losers at the beginning to build a reel and prove the model,” he says.  “It's hard to believe it now, but we needed to prove that documentary storytelling would work for online marketing.”

Dave grew up loving the Harold Lloyd slapstick comedies.  “Daring, ridiculous, and funny… but enough about me,” he jokes.  “Lloyd was very simple, and very inventive, and I think that’s the essence of effective communication and storytelling.” 

Dave has also directed and shot some of his own documentaries, and that experience gave him the belief that the format would succeed in any medium.

As an AboutFace Executive Producer, Dave is passionate about communication with his clients.  “There has to be good communication up front because it leads to making the very best product – the documentary videos we do for our clients.”

He’s also passionate about looking at things from a creative angle, not settling for passable, and finding something that the people in the videos believe in and strive for.

Before AboutFace, Dave was president of a commercial production company, Purple Onion, and prior to that went to the University Of Wisconsin - Madison, as he says, “for basic life lessons… which means not counting too much on what you learn in college.”

“When we started AboutFace no one was telling documentary stories online and, frankly, not a whole ton of people thought this company was a good idea.  But we did it anyway," Dave says. "And now we’ve now got a long list of great clients that will tell you it’s a highly effective way to tell their stories.”

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