Dan Didier

Dan is the Post Production Supervisor at About Face Media

Dan doesn’t have any hobbies.  He has his work, his music, and his family. In fact, you may have seen some of his work or heard some of his music. 

If you've ever heard songs by influential indie band The Promise Ring or his current acclaimed band Maritime, you’ve heard Dan’s music -- he was a founding member and drummer for both bands.

In fact, you may have noticed that the music in AboutFace videos often has a quirky, 'indie' vibe. Well, that's Dan, who reaches out to his diverse network of colleagues to help build our exclusive music library.

But Dan's primary job at AboutFace is as the Post Production Supervisor, which means that he oversees all editorial projects for the company.  So if you’ve ever seen an AboutFace video, you’ve seen Dan’s editing and storytelling magic at work.  

A native of Milwaukee, Dan came to AboutFace quite on accident.  “I was going back to school after my bands weren’t... as active as they had been,” he says. "So I posted my rag-tag resume online.”  He was then “out of the blue” contacted by a local creative agency about being a video intern.

Dan began learning the ins and outs of editing video and soon caught the attention of AboutFace. "He started out as one of the first freelance editors we hired," Poltermann says. "A year or two after we started the company. But we were getting pretty busy around then, so soon he was supervising a team of editors."

As he does today.

In addition to working full-time at AboutFace and the successful part-time music career, Dan is also married with two kids. It’s unclear how he manages to fit it all in, but it does make sense that Dan doesn’t have time for any hobbies.

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